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Carpet Steam Cleaning Ardeer

Carpets are almost always concentrated in large amounts of bacteria, dust particles and cookies. They usually live and thrive on our carpets because of the number of dead skin cells, hair, dust and other substances that make it a perfect and suitable place to eat and reproduce. A professionally cleaned carpet can not only improve the look of your home but also increase your health and life expectancy.

At Carpet Cleaning Ardeer we clean up to Australian national standards and use the latest products and equipment to ensure your carpet looks clean and fresh when finished.
Our professional carpet cleaning technicians complete the cleaning process. However, they are professionally qualified to diagnose your carpet. (Its type and condition) and suggest which method will suit your needs.

Carpet Cleaning In Ardeer we work with both dry and steam cleaning. Our technicians will come to your place to arrange the day and time. Inspect the carpet and its condition. We will then talk to you about your needs and the best option to participate. Keep your carpet clean, healthy and safe.
See the results for yourself and experience the difference by booking your professional services today.
The difference between steam and dry cleaning is as follows.

Steam carpet cleaning

The most popular method of carpet cleaning among our clients and real estate agencies is steam.
The cleaning process involves the use of a high-tech carpet cleaner machine that will first treat the carpet with a high quality shampoo, which is specially selected depending on the type of carpet. After that, the shampoo will wash off. Then, sprinkle hot water with high pressure and at the same time, keep your carpet fibers clean, fresh and free from unhealthy debris.

Carpet cleaning

Although most people prefer the method of carpet cleaning, it sometimes depends on the material below and the floor (very common in lounge suites). That is why our highly experienced technicians play an important role in this process. They will inspect your carpet and its condition and give you the best option according to your needs.

  • Dry carpet cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Carpet deep cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning is a method of using carpet cleaning Ardeer for carpets that were placed on wooden floors or other carpets that cannot get wet for any reason. The main idea is to prevent water from reaching the destination.
A shampoo for dry cleaning (stain removal and cleaning). Especially used for dry cleaning. Then use a rotating scrubber to remove all dirt from the carpet. Pre-treatment shampoo will crystallize after a certain amount of drying and you only need to use a vacuum cleaner after two hours.